Loading Plate Data in FLIMfit

Setup calibration data

  • Determine IRF shift
    • Load reference data
    • Set background, rep rate
    • Load library IRF
    • Adjust ‘IRF shift’ until the edge of the IRF sits roughly at the rising edge
    • Fit mono exponential model with free IRF shift
    • Check quality of fit
    • Note t0 value. This value should be subtracted from the IRF shift used
  • Create time varying background
    • Load media only well
    • Load camera background
    • Select central region
    • Select Tools>Export SV TVB...

Loading data

  • Load data
  • Load plate metadata
  • Load camera background images
  • Set laser repetition rate
  • Set gate maximum to camera saturation value
  • Load IRF and set IRF shift from reference measurement
  • Load time varying background
  • Save as raw dataset